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About Divorce Mediation Associates, LTD 

Divorce Mediation Associates, LTD, founded in 2016 by attorney Steven M. Garver and Dr. Patrice Garver, is a multi-disciplinary mediation service based in Reston, VA. Mr. Garver and Dr. Darver, were motivated to work in divorce mediation by the understanding that couples and families are often not provided with solutions that work for them in family law litigation. Mr. Garver pursued mediation beginning in 1979, as he believed that those involved can reach more agreeable and rewarding outcomes if they make an agreement between themselves. In traditional representation, adversarial posturing was thought to be damaging for families and their children. In this case, a judge, no matter how caring and diligent, could never have the same knowledge of the family's individual needs.

Who We Are 

Our team of professionals come from legal and mental health disciplines providing assistance for divorcing couples. Our divorce mediators collaborate with the parties to come up with suitable solutions that meet the legal, financial, and emotional needs of the family as it re-forms. The mediators, by their vast experience dealing with hundreds of couples over the years, are able to suggest possible solutions for the parties to consider as they uncouple.  

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