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A Personalized Approach To Divorce

We provide a peaceful path to resolution by addressing your unique family circumstandes through mediation of your divorce or other family law issues. Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd. offers innovative and personalized solutions for couples seeking a divorce. Our team of skilled mediation professionals utilizes their expertise in various ways to facilitate a smooth process. By fostering open and honest communication, we provide a safe space for couples to express their concerns, both positive and negative, ensuring that all voices are heard. Our unique approach allows us to create comprehensive agreements that encompass a wide range of contingencies and details. With our tailored agreements, spouses can avoid court battles and the need for subsequent litigation. 

We Do What The Court Can’t

Our experienced divorce mediators have witnessed how the expenses of a typical divorce in Northern Virginia can easily escalate to $50,000 per party, and in contentious cases, exceed $100,000. We understand that engaging divorce attorneys to litigate can quickly spiral legal costs out of control. That is why we offer an alternative approach that empowers you to take control of your own destiny.
Our mediators go beyond what the court can provide. We actively assist parties in identifying additional value that can be added to the process. With years of experience, our team of divorce mediators knows which insightful questions to ask to foster open discussions. We explore the spouses' aspirations for the future, how they envision their lives moving forward, and their individual desires for the settlement. By understanding your unique circumstances and goals, we can guide you toward a resolution that aligns with your vision for the future. Choose mediation and pave the way for a more amicable and empowering divorce experience.

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